Friday, January 9, 2009

Hiatus, I guess

So it's been some time since my last post. I don't know what's going on. Maybe I'm being less creative with my meals, or doing a lot of repeats from this blog, but I really don't find hardly any pictures to post when I plug in my camera, or at least any worth posting. When I started this blog I posted literally anything I made, no matter how simple it was, or even if it wasn't my own recipe (always giving proper credit), or even if the picture wasn't great or appetizing. So I guess, as time has progressed, I have become more picky about what I post. I almost want to make a revised version of this blog with only posts that are up to my current standards, which a lot of these posts aren't. I want to make it purely my unique recipes, or really good finds that I can't help but share. But that seems like a project, and though I have the time and the resources, it's hard sometimes for me to jump into things like that. I know once I get started, it will be fun and I'll be very motivated, so I'll have to find some way to make that jump. There are some incredible food blogs out there, and though I don't care about mine being super professional, as this is really just a resource for me, but I would like to make it a bit more refined.

I seriously used to have a list on my white board of recipes to post, but now that is non-existent. Maybe the busy holidays put me in a funk, and I'll get out of it soon, but I really don't know why I am slacking. I am kinda glad I have this blog staring at me (as guilty as it makes me feel) so I can kick myself back into gear to start making fun meals for my family again. I do have a few ideas lurking in my brain and some in my drafts.

So mainly this post was to ease the pressure I feel every time I look at this blog, so I can relax and let the creative juices flow. I'll be back, hopefully soon.